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Our Services

We offer a variety of professional cleaning services. Below are our most popular!

Roof Moss Removal & Softwash

Drastically improve the appearance & prolong the life of your roof with our ever-popular Roof Cleaning Service. Using specialist tools, we remove the moss from the tiles and then apply a Softwash treatment to kill off & prevent any organic growth.

Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

Block paved driveways are notoriously difficult to maintain. Our Driveway Cleaning service will bring your driveway back to life’ keep it looking cleaner for longer with a soft wash treatment included with every clean.

Patio Cleaning and Sealing

We love restoring Patio to their former glory! Our expert Patio Cleaning service will brighten your Patio while ensuring they are looked after and not damaged. We also offer a repointing service if required

Commercial Building Cleaning

Using the latest in cleaning & access technologies we offer bespoke cleaning services to commercial property owners. From large one off cleans to complete maintenance packages!

Property Maintenance

We look after many residential apartment blocks throughout Staffordshire. From high-level industrial gutter and cladding cleaning services& repairs, render cleaning to monthly window cleaning. We offer bespoke packages to keep buildings well maintained throughout the year!

Stone Cleaning

Cleaning softer materials such as Stone requires a more delicate approach! High-pressure cleaning can cause irreversible damage to the surface. We design a bespoke cleaning plan depending on the material & staining, often combining steam cleaning & soft washing to achieve incredible results.

Render Cleaning

If your building’s exterior looks dull and dirty, before considering painting the render, consider a more cost-effective and durable solution: render cleaning. While painting can offer immediate improvement, there are drawbacks to bear in mind.

First class service. Years of experience. Fully trained.

We take great pride in the service we provide to our clients. Our years of experience in the cleaning industry enable us to achieve great results while giving a professional service from start to finish. We are fully trained & certified in the safe use of chemicals for exterior hard surface cleaning.



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