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Render Cleaning

If your building’s exterior looks dull and dirty, before considering painting the render, consider a more cost-effective and durable solution: render cleaning. While painting can offer immediate improvement, there are drawbacks to bear in mind.

Painting the render can be expensive, involving compliance with health and safety regulations, scaffolding, and finding an exact colour match. However, without proper cleaning, it’s merely a temporary fix.

Through-coloured render needs to breathe. Painting over it traps moisture, leading to dampness, flaking, and peeling. Moss, algae, and lichens will regrow through the surface, requiring costly removal.

Professional render cleaning provides an alternative. High-pressure washing damages the surface, but a low-pressure chemical SoftWash method effectively cleans and sanitises the render, eliminating mould and mildew spores.

Render cleaning targets underlying dirt, stains, and organic growth, preserving the surface without causing unnecessary damage. The treatment prevents regrowth, keeping the render clean for longer.

Render cleaning is cost-effective, maintains the original look, and prevents dampness and paint issues. Consult a professional service like Haywood Exterior Cleaning for the appropriate cleaning approach, achieving a refreshed and appealing exterior for your building.

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