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Haywood Exterior Cleaning offers Roof cleaning services that we can provide to you if you are based in Hixon

Roofs can be become very unsightly due to organic growth such as moss, mould, algae & lichen. Moss grows in areas shaded from the sun, so it can develop at quite a pace on tree-shaded and north-facing roofs especially. Spreading moss can quickly adhere to roof surfaces, filling in gaps between shingles and tiles and reaching under and lifting up roofing materials. This lifting of shingles allows rainwater and other moisture to slowly seep into a roof’s structure to cause decay and rot, leading to expensive repair bills!

Its no wonder moss is the number one cause of roof degradation!

The safest & most effective method of cleaning your roof is to remove the moss & apply a chemical softwash treatment to kill the remaining organic growth.

We are fully trained & certified in the safe use of chemicals for exterior hard surface cleaning, so you can rest assured your property is in safe hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a roof?

Roof cleaning should always be carried out by professionals. The best way to clean your roof is to scrape off the moss and apply a Softwash treatment to kill off the remaining Biofilm. This is by far the safest and most effective way of having your roof cleaned.


Will my roof be damaged if I have it cleaned?

No! We will never step foot on your roof throughout our cleaning process. We always use scaffolding or machines for access. The Softwash chemicals we use are fully Biodegradable and have no damaging effect to the roof whatsoever. We will never pressure wash a roof!

How to remove moss from a roof?

Moss should always be removed carefully from roof tiles. We use specialist tools shaped to the profile of the tile, allowing us to scrape off the moss without damaging the surface of the tile.

Are Softwashing chemicals safe to use?

Only if they are used by trained professionals! We are fully trained and certified in the safe use of Chemicals for hard surface cleaning. We take our responsibility to your property & the environment seriously and we only use label compliant, HSE approved chemicals.

Watch our video for an introduction to our roof cleaning services in Stone process.

Let us care for your property!

Call us on 01785 291991 or contact us for your quotation.

Let us care for your property!

Call us on 01785 291991 or contact us for your quotation.